What is freelancer account?

It is an account for a recruiter who can; after successful registration; post jobs and present suitable candidates for any jobs posted.

What is the Jobsncandidates’s email given to registered freelancer?

It is an email address given – under jobsncandidates.com domain – to registered freelancer to be used as an official email for communications. The email ID will be same as the username and the password will be same as the initial password entered. Registered freelancers can access to their email accounts through:





What is all about the JobsNCandidates website with employer, candidate and freelancer registration?

Our website simply a medium registration platform, divided between the employer, candidate and freelancer, the function categorize as follow;
Employer – Post jobs and employ.
Candidate – Post resumes and gets employ.
Freelancer – Post jobs and helps to employ.

How to differentiate medium platform of the menu bar website navigation?

Home Page – A landing page for employer, candidate and freelancer.
Main Page – A freelancer home page.

What are the eligibility criteria to sign up to the website?

Employer – For companies with valid business registration, who looking for candidates with right qualification.
Candidate – For everyone who wants to get employ and get a right prospect for their career.
Freelancer – For everyone who wants to work and help employer and candidate for the mutual employment contract.

How to obtain the Jobsncandidates’s email account after sign-up as freelancer?

After user sign-up as freelancer using their personal email and done the verification, an email account under jobsncandidates domain will be created automatically.

The email ID & password will be exactly same as the username login (no whitespace allowed) and the initial password that user registered as freelancer.

Access jobsncandidates email account at “Mail Box” on freelancer portal or through the browser @ https://jobsncandidates.com/webmail


What is freelancer fee and insurance coverage?

Freelancer will need to pay annual fee of USD 150, this fee will deduct directly from commission payout.

Freelancer will entitle one Personal Accident insurance fee of equivalent to USD12,500 coverage. Please read through the insurance coverage and term and conditions and freelancer needs to fill up the form as per attached in the Form column.

How do I earn commission of becoming a freelancer?

Two ways of earning commission by referral;

  1. Refer the employer, Get the agreement sign with rate and guarantee period;

Post the jobs (within same calendar month, once close first 2 deals: 17% of the total

billing exclude GST or local tax, subsequent 20%).

  1. Find the candidates (within same calendar month, once close first 2 deals: 28% of the

total billing excludes GST or local tax, subsequent 35%).

Pay out within 10 days after complying with the collection and guarantee period.

The table below outline the commission earned for every successful recruited from our website.

Search Fee Commission Pay-out Guarantee Period Suggested
<11.99% Client: 11%, Candidate: 28% 1-2 Months
12 – 14.99% Client: 13%, Candidate: 28% 2-3 Months
15-17.99% Client: 15%, Candidate: 28% 3 Months
>18% Client: 17%, Candidate: 28% 3-6 Months

Freelancer that have successfully close the first deal with billing issue, will entitle free PA insurance RM50,000.  Freelancer needs to submit personal info to Insurance@jobsncandidates.com and should get the coverage within one month period.

Subject to Management approval:

Freelancer in one calendar month period that have 3 deals billing, Freelancer on the following month can email request (advance@jobsncandidates.com ) to claim advance with maximum 10% on the forecast commission (after deduct the annual outstanding fee).

Freelancer 1st  calendar month have 3 deals billing and 2nd calendar month have 3 deals billing, Freelancer on the follow 3rd month can request the 2nd month new billing amount to claim advance 15% on the forecast commission and 3rd month so on (with at least 3 billing issue in the same calendar month target achieve)

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