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Our Freelancer comes with many different industries that have many years of working experience as Recruiter understands the hiring managers will take time to get to know your unique needs and ensure they know exactly what you’re looking for. JobsNCandidates.com allows employers and freelancers to work togather on both online and offline projects over a wide range of categories through project and contests.

Below are few importent tips and criterias to knowqualify in JnC Freelancer Partnership Scheme such as:

  • Job responsibilities: This includes the duration of the assignment if it’s temporary, skills and training required to perform the job, specific job duties that need to be performed successfully, and any necessary soft skills that will help the individual be successful in your organization.
  • Your company culture: Understand staffing manager know of any requirements specific to your organization, such as policies for dress code, hours, breaks and overtime.
  • Requirements for a successful candidate: Understanding the goals and scope of the project or task that the hiring manager requests, how many candidates may be needed to complete it within goal timeline and the skills needed to successfully complete the project or task.
  • Get the right expectation from both sides: This includes be the middle person assist in negotiation for both hiring manager and candidate on the expectation and others. This will make the hiring smooth and time efficiency.
  • Freelancer posting is available only for freelancer that register with Jobsncandidates.
  • Freelancer will have to registerand follow the instructions, a verification email will be sent to your registered email and later you can login.
  • JobsNCandidates will create a corresponding official email ID same as registeration username to be used as an official email for communication.
  • Freelancer might have to provide the exact details as mentioned in their Identification Card, Passport, or Company Registration in the country of their operation.
  • Freelancer is required  to provide JobsNCandidates with his/her own client details and signed Business Terms Agreement which will be sent by email.
  • On every successful placement, JobsNCandidates will invoice placement based on rate charge as per the Terms of Business. JobsNCandidates will follow as per the signed Terms of Business and pay out to freelancer based on client’s earning part and candidate’s earning part accordingly.
  • Freelancer will need to inform JobsNCandidates on the successful placement.
  • Freelancer is allowed to post multiple jobs.
  • Jobs posted are subject to meet certain criteria and posted jobs will be rejected and disqualified for the following reasons:
    • Incomplate job information.
    • Given vague company name or information.
    • Use of inappropriate contents, disguising,training programs as jobs or posting any indirect employment opportunities as a job.
    • Use of abusive language, hate language, or anything that promotes animsity between people or anything that discrimeinates people of the grounds of race, color, caste, class and gender.
  • JobsNCandidates reserves the right to monitor the contents of the website, filter, and block any posted or uploaded on it and removing it from the website or withdraw services.

Freelancer Job Posting Partnership Scheme

Terms of Business

The following table describes the terms of business for deals:

Search Fee                           Commission Pay-out                              Guarantee Period Suggested
<11.99% Client: 11%, Candidate: 28%1-2 Months
12 – 14.99% Client: 13%, Candidate: 28%2-3 Months
15-17.99% Client: 15%, Candidate: 28%3 Months
>18% Client: 17%, Candidate: 28%3-6 Months

TOB-Malaysia-11% file download

TOB-Malaysia-13% file download

TOB-Malaysia-15% file download

TOB-Malaysia-16% file download

TOB-Malaysia-18% file download

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